Friday 1 November 2013

Graffiti - Art or Vandalism?

Approaching Piazza Lucia
Graffito/graffiti is a universal problem, it would seem.
I must say I didn't expect to find any in a small 
place like Santa Maria, but there is plenty of it
in evidence.

In a large place such as Agropoli, we'd sort of expected it, 
especially in the really run down areas, but in sleepy
Santa Maria, home to only 4000 inhabitants, it was
a bit of a surprise.

But the Commune has dealt with the problem 
to some extent - there's an official 'muro graffito' 
on the approach to Piazza Lucia
which they repaint white every couple of years
so that the next lot of budding graffiti artists can
make their mark.

However, to find several examples dotted along 
some of the narrow alleys has got me wondering
which of the teenagers we see wandering around
are the 'artists'.

I'd certainly like to meet the ones who painted 
2012's muro.

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