The majority of photos used in my blog are taken by me, and this one is my favourite one ever. I am very much a 'point & click' type of photographer, only having picked up a camera in September 2012, primarily to take pics to post on Twitter. However, I have become somewhat addicted to clicking away, especially when some of my shots turn out to be in the 'WOW' category. I look at several of my pics and find it hard to believe that I took them, either with my Leica D-Lux 3, my  Canon PowerShot SX240 HS or my newest acquisition, a Canon EOS 600D.

I love capturing the early morning light, from the dawn blush that usually greets me when I open the shutters at some ungodly hour most mornings, to the moment the sun breaches the mountain behind us. And, of course, I love the multitude of clouds & cloud formations that wing their way overhead. Then the end of the day brings a whole new beauty, as no two sunsets are ever the same. So I guess I should say that photography has become another 'passion' for me, evidenced in my flickr page:

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  1. This pictures are very wonderfully shot and glad that you shared it with us..