Friday 27 February 2015

Rest In Peace Helle

Helle & son Thor in her shop, Outdoor 45
We thought it was strange when Sven & Helle
didn't come over from Denmark to stay at the Old House on 
Leila's Mountain last October - they always came for a few days 
before the November rains began. At the end of the month
Sven e-mailed to let us know that Helle had
been diagnosed with cancer in August & 
was undergoing treatment. 
Although they were both shocked, 
Sven sounded pretty positive that the treatment would work.

Unfortunately, it didn't; Helle passed away yesterday morning.

And we have to say 'goodbye' to one of the most beautiful, 
positive, enthusiastic & energetic women we have ever met.

Rest In Peace Helle, it was a pleasure to know you.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

February Brings The Snow

February is the cruellest month.
It brings the bitterly cold north wind and,
quite often, snow - as it did on Monday.
The first snow to fall on Il Sogno this winter....

First snowfall

Admittedly, the first snowfall wasn't much, but in the afternoon, 
whilst we were visiting our friends Paola & Attilio, it started again.

Snow in Cenito

As we drove home, we could see that Leila's Mountain
had a coating of the white stuff

Winter coat

And on Tuesday morning, the view was clear enough
to see the snow sitting above the Amalfi coast
once more

Snow on 'Il Molare'

Sunday 8 February 2015

Buona Domenica!

My latest addiction is Instagram -
posting a 'Buongiorno' photo each morning
has become part of my daily routine.
Coming up with new ideas for
photos is a bit of a challenge, and
I've always been one for a mental challenge.

This morning I was feeling a bit of 
'photographer's block' (if there is such a thing)
as I trawled through photos on my Smartphone.
Then, inspiration struck - and out came the
Rosary beads.

I very rarely use them, but they were
blessed by Pope John Paul II back in 1994, 
when my composer friend Alison had an
audience with him.

So what better pic for a Sunday? 

Buona Domenica!