Monday 13 October 2014

Cantina Belvedere

Vista Panoramica

Hubby surprised me yesterday by asking if I'd like to go out 
for Sunday lunch. Not one to need asking twice, I knew exactly
where I wanted to dine - Cantina Belvedere, in Castellabate;
we've lived here for 4 years & not gotten round
to eating there yet.
Perched just below the castle, the
views from each of the terraces are stunning
(although yesterday was hazy, so the Amalfi coast
was nothing more than a ghostly silhouette).

We were greeted by our lovely friend Sara
when we arrived - she used to work at 
Bar L'Ancora down in Santa Maria, 
but back in the summer she'd changed jobs.
She beamed her bright smile & led us down
the steps to the main dining terrace, chatting
& finding it hard to believe we'd never
set foot in the place before now.

Bar Terrace
Shown to our table & left to peruse the Menu 
& not inconsiderable Wine List, I didn't know whether
to choose what to eat & drink or click away at the view....
choosing won!

As usual, we chose an Antipasto to share - 
Leucosia is a platter of fresh seafood,
including a Carpaccio of Tuna,
Marinated Anchovies & Octopus,
Gratinated Prawns & Baby Octopus 
on a bed of Lentils

Antipasto 'Leucosia'

I really wanted to try the Lobster & Pumpkin Ravioli,
but it wasn't available, so I decided to go with
the Sea Urchin Eggs & Clams, served with Black Pasta -
the dish did not disappoint

Riccio e Vongole

Hubby opted for Scialatielli Limone,
which came with Mussels & Clams

Scialatielli Limone

Dopo Pranzo

Washed down with an excellent San Matteo Fiano
from Alfonso Rotolo
(read about it here:,
we agreed that it was one of the best meals we'd had in a while

A Rutino produced San Matteo Fiano

And there HAD to be dolce - Torta al Cioccolato.
Looking a bit messy in this pic; I'm afraid we dived straight in!

Saturday 11 October 2014

Paestum Balloon Festival

Paestum Balloon Festival ends tomorrow, 
having run since 4th October. 
We went along this afternoon to watch
 the balloon launch, and these
are my favourite photos......

Of course, I took well over a hundred shots,
so I may post some more later