Monday 8 June 2015

Falling For Rome - Literally

It was Thursday, our third morning in Rome,
and we were due to have an 'Instagram meet' with Diana in Piazza Navona at lunchtime.
We'd taken the Metro to Colosseo & walked up to
Piazza Venezia (after a slight detour into
the Basilica di Ss Cosmo & Damiano - well worth

Taking the lift to the top of Vittoriano was on my 'Bucket List' & today I hoped to tick it off. 
I was in luck - there was no queue & it didn't take much to persuade hubby it was going to be
worth it for the views - it is not called 'Roma al Cielo' 
for nothing.
We stood and 'oohed & aahed', took the 
obligatory panoramic photos, then headed back down and slipped into the church tucked in behind the monument.
By now it was almost 11.30 am - time to pop into 
a bar & grab a coffee, before heading to Piazza Navona. 

We waited for the pedestrian lights to turn to green
and made our way across the road. Two thirds of the way across I could feel myself falling forwards,
in what seemed like slow motion. I put my left hand out to stop myself from landing on my face
and, as soon as it hit the cobbles, I knew it was broken. The fact that my ring finger was also jutting 
at an odd angle should have indicated that it was dislocated.  

A trip to Umberto I Policlinico confirmed that I'd managed to fracture both my middle finger & ring finger. A few tears when they said they'd have to
cut off my wedding and engagement rings 
soon had them agreeing to persevere with easing them off. 
I am now sporting a rather attractive splint, (hint of sarcasm there)
and face the prospect of an operation on my ring finger when the fracture is healed, as they can't manipulate it to cure the dislocation.

Needless to say, we didn't manage to meet up with 
Diana - we'll just have to return again in the not 
too distant future.