Sunday 4 September 2016

Buffalo Gals

On Friday, our friend Kim posted a photo on IG of a rather 
yummy looking hamburger stuffed with mozzarella. 
She'd had lunch with friends at Caseificio Barlotti in Paestum.
Said photo got hubby almost drooling, so he booked a table
for us to eat there on Saturday.
And, whilst the food was delicious (and some), it was the
getting up close to the buffalo gals
who give us that delicious mozzarella 
which was the highlight for me......

Are you looking at me?

Giant Haystacks
Mud, mud, glorious mud

Shot of the Day

Saturday 25 June 2016

British & Proud? Not Right Now

Oh Britain, what have you done?
(Or, more specifically, England, as both Scotland & Northern Ireland voted to remain)
It's not quite 24 hours since the
final results of the EU referendum 
were declared, and I am still numb.....
reeling at the enormity of what 
'Leave' means.
Saddened for my children & grandchildren,
who have had their futures decided by people who "didn't think my 'Leave' vote
would count".

As hubby posted on FB yesterday,
"Go on, ask me if I'm proud to be British,
I dare you"

The answer, sadly, has to be "No"

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Alberobello: Not Your Usual Tourist Pics

As I mentioned in my last blog post,
I got sidetracked quite easily in Alberobello,
by virtue of it being market day the morning after we arrived.
Not that I did any shopping (I am not a shopaholic - but I could be, given chance).
But those 'won't happen again' moments
were too good to miss......

Four guys and a 1922 Silver Ghost 

Kerbside appeal

Cherry ripe

Show me the way to go home

Girlfriends got nothing to wear 

Saturday 4 June 2016

Alberobello: Trulli Belli

Picture postcard perfect 
                      A couple of weeks back,
       we went on a roadtrip - a sort of 'early
            birthday celebration' for hubby,
          whose birthday happens to fall on
Festa della Repubblica (meaning that prices
   for any type of accommodation are sky    
            high & everywhere is 'silly busy').

   Our first stop was Alberobello, where we
      managed to tick another one off the
Bucket List by spending the night in a trullo.

Via Bovio, 22 - home for a night 
 It was tiny, it was quaint & it was tucked away from the main tourist drag; in fact, we had real next door but one neighbours, ranging from old 'Nonno'
down to a 3-year old who didn't want to
go to school on Thursday morning.
And, although we were tourists, it was nice
to feel that we weren't really tourists at all.

We did, of course, wander round taking lots of photos, but Thursday was market day
 so I sort of got sidetracked taking 'not your usual tourist pic' shots (more of those later).  But I did take the one shot that surely everyone who comes to Alberobello must take....

I found my heart in Alberobello 

Wednesday 1 June 2016

31 Shades of Grey

            Monochrome May is over and done;
          the task of seeing which photographs
       translated well to black & white ended.
                    If it taught me anything,
        it was that this world should always
         be viewed in glorious technicolour.

            I won't bore you with all 31 shots, 
         but here are some of my favourites.... 

Aperitivo time

Girlfriends got nothing to wear 

My Man & the Sea

Still Life with Landscape 

Last Tango in Lecce 


Sunday 1 May 2016

Monochrome May

I have decided that May will be
'Monochrome May' on Instagram.
Whilst I love the vibrant, colourful
world in which we live,
there are times when 
50 Shades of Grey (or should that
be 31?) work better.

So I'll be reworking old photographs
or seeing if anything I snap
on the day works best in black & white.

This is my first offering - a reworked
pic from March 2013....

I do hope you'll join me in viewing the world slightly differently  

Sunday 7 February 2016

Losing My Mojo

I appear to have lost my mojo
- not just for blogging, but for all social media
(in fact, I think it should be renamed 'antisocial media' on occasion).

I guess I'll find it again, eventually
 (maybe after our trip to Rome for Valentine's weekend).

But if anyone else finds it first, could they please return it.