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The Girl of My Youth

I look in the mirror
And what do I see...
The girl of my youth
Staring at me
Wondering when
The wrinkles appeared
What the hell happened 
To all of those years?
Then she bursts out 
With a smile and a giggle
Blows a huge kiss
Then winks as she wiggles
Puts on her war paint
Gives a huge grin
Saying 'Sorry dear Time,
You can't shut me in,
For I'm still the girl
I was in my youth
Age is only a number
And that is the truth'

©Alison Jackson

Dancing With My Demons

Dancing with my Demons
To Life's bittersweet refrain
Would you care to join me
Or are you destined to remain
A mere spectator
At the Ball

Dancing with my Demons
To the Music no-one hears
Painted smile ever fixed
To hide the countless unshed tears
Held back 'til Darkness
Falls once more

Dancing with my Demons
To a haunting mournful tune
Whirling closer to the Edge
Hoping you'll be there to catch me
And not just let me
Fall swiftly
Into Oblivion

©Alison Jackson


Falling from the edge of Reason
Into Future's great abyss
Trusting that Destiny will catch me
Making a promise to my Heart
And sealing it with a Kiss

©Alison Jackson

  The Girl Within

Beauty is skin deep, they say;
how true those words, how true!
But I wonder what you really see when you look at me....
Do you see the woman, the mother or the wife,
or do you see the girl within?

Appearance is deceptive - disregard the outer layers,
the ageing signs of passing years.
Look beyond the greying hairs, the wrinkles in the skin;
Search beyond the outer shell,
And try to see the girl within.

Older and thus wiser, so the saying goes;
But will I ever feel like that, 
does anybody know?
For deep within this woman who is a mother and a wife,
Still lives the girl within.

And when this body's withered,
the bones turned back to dust;
Then you will remember the woman, the mother and the wife.
But God will have taken home to Him
the girl within

©1995 Alison Jackson/Watermead Publishing



Silence so deafening
It roars
But whose silence is louder
Mine or yours?

Silence is golden
They say
But this gold is tarnished
More each day

Silence speaks volumes
It's true
Distance between us
Bridged by you

Silence is gentle
At last
Remembering the loving
Of days past

©Alison Jackson

                                            Wildest of Days

The rolling of thunder, the crashing of waves
These are the sounds of the wildest of days
Rainfall like bullets, lightning that cracks,
The Earth is not happy and tries to fight back
But there in her anger her beauty unfolds
Her tempest a story yet to be told
And as winds come howling with the mightiest roar
Mother Nature's symphony helps my spirit to soar

©Alison Jackson

So much to live for
Yet dying inside
Lost count of the number
Of tears that I've cried
Live, laugh & love
With way too much passion
When will I learn
To rein it all in
Close my heart
To all feelings 
And let it grow cold
As stone

©Alison Jackson

If you have nothing more to say 
Then tell me
If you no longer wish to hold me
Let me go
For I am weary of this world
And the fight
To keep the flame alive
Passion has died
Lay it to rest

©Alison Jackson

If I should wake one day & find I did not love you

Then I would mourn at what had gone

But at the start of each new morning I always pray

That love will simply carry on

For I need you

And you need me

©Alison Jackson

October Days

Oh sweet October days
Still bearing summer's traces
Casting golden rays
On eager upturned faces
Who know the autumn chill
Is not so far away

Oh sweet October days
Still wearing summer's colours
Casting them aside
As eagerly as lovers
Who know that time is short -
They only have today

Oh sweet October days
Still showing summer's promise
Casting hope in hearts
So eager for your solace
Who know that all too soon
Will come the close of day

© Alison Jackson 

To step outside and hear the sea
Is music to my ears for me;
Mother Nature sings her tune
To sky and stars, sun and moon

But when her angry passions rise,
She rails against the brooding skies;
Her whisper that caressed the beach
Does a great crescendo reach

And where there once was peaceful calm,
Waves that lapped and soothed as balm,
Ferocious now she pounds the shore,
Her whisper turned to mighty roar

©Alison Jackson

Today's Haiku word: 'heed'..........

               Heed your inner voice

       That whispers words of wisdom

               Seeks to keep you calm

Unheeded warnings

Inflamed by wanton passion

Will she burn in hell?

Today's Haiku word: 'delight'........

How she would delight

In life's pure, simple pleasures

Treasure each moment

Delight in this world

As through the eyes of a child

                                                        Lose not the magic

Today's Haiku word: 'crash'..........

She felt her heart crash

Into the depths of despair

As love turned colder

Waves crash on shores

Feelings pound her beating heart

When will she know peace?

Today's Haiku word: 'ask'............

If only she knew

What pleasures awaited her

If she would but ask

Today's Haiku word: 'rest'........

Lay with me awhile Let me cradle you in love Rest your weary head

Today's Haiku word was 'join', so I came up with this........

          Join with me my love
          Share in turbulent passion

          Bind your heart to mine


You came, you saw, you conquered,
Seduced my intrigued mind
Our souls they knew each other
And would not be denied

You came, you saw, you conquered
This heart that sought not love
Our eyes searched for each other,
Our hands, they yearned to touch

You came, you saw, you conquered
Whispered 'til early dawn
Our lips they found each other
In the stillness of the morn

You came, you saw, you conquered
My body and my soul
Our hearts beat for each other
Together we are whole

© Alison Jackson

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