My Passions

Hubby is the love of my life. Our children, grandchildren and extended family all mean the world to me; being over 1400 miles away from them can be hard at times. Next come all the friends I've left behind in the UK, the new ones I've made here in the Cilento and the even newer ones I've made through Twitter.

Then my next great passion is music - my day simply has to have a backing track, to get me through the chores, lift me when I'm feeling down and to dance & wiggle around to when I'm in happy mode.

After music comes rugby union. Before we decided to chase the dream, hubby & I were season ticket holders at Welford Road, home of Leicester Tigers. We had fantastic seats, only 3 rows back & practically on the halfway line. When the stand was being redeveloped, our 'equivalent seats' would have been much further back from the pitch & only 5 metres from the try line. Hard as it was for us to forgo our season tickets, the time was right to do so.

Next passion: Food. No matter where in the world we've gone on holiday, good food has been an important part of each one. We've eaten at The Cliff on Barbados and Rossellini's in Ravello; both were awesome experiences, each with their own unique "WOW factor".

Penultimate passion is travel. Been fortunate enough to holiday in Florida, Minorca, Ibiza, Sardinia, Antigua, Italy & Barbados, as well as travel to Germany a couple of times to collect hubby's cars from the factory and, of course, drive through Italy more than once to chase our dream.

Final passion: Weather watching. This one's been given free rein since coming to Il Sogno; some days we're above the clouds as they roll in before the rains fall and cloud formations never cease to amaze me. I love watching the sun breach the mountain each morning and also the stunning sunsets most evenings. But most awesome of all are the storms, especially if they start along the Amalfi coast and work their way across the Gulf of Salerno. Sometimes I think I almost know how it must feel to be God, watching all from on high.

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