Wednesday 6 November 2013


Somewhere over the rainbow(s)
November is traditionally the wettest month of the year here; 
back in November 2009 when hubby & I made our
first joint house hunting trip we arrived in 20+ degrees 
& brilliant sunshine - we were not to see the sun again
for 10 days.
Sunshine & showers
But for the past 2 years, we've not had those November rains - in 
fact, they've been very mild & we've even been able to go to the 
beach for the afternoon in summer attire (not quite bikini 
weather, but wearing a short skirt & t-shirt in November is still somewhat a novelty).
November showers in the Gulf of Salerno
However, those mild Novembers have both been followed
by harsh winters; 2010/11 was the first time we saw
snow on Il Molare, above the Amalfi coast, & that was
something we had not expected to see -  Amalfi's a
sunshine destination! And we had snow on the
mountains close by but not actually on Leila's Mountain.
Then last winter was the coldest for 40 years & we DID
get snow at Il Sogno.
February 2013 & we have snow!
 This first week of November has been mixed so far - Friday
was very summer like & we sat at Marina Piccola with our
gelati, basking in the sun. Saturday saw a mostly
sunny day, with a shower in the afternoon that gave us
the double rainbow in my photo at the top of this blog post.
Then Monday & Tuesday were both stormy days; 
Monday's storm lasted for over 5 hours & as I sat here
on my laptop, I saw a lightning bolt strike in the back garden -
yet another 'first' for me.
A cloudy dawn sky made intense blue by sheet lightning above
There were torrential floods down in San Marco
& we've just heard from Angelo that several houses
in Giungatelle were damaged in the storms.
Maybe that means that this November will revert to
the expected pattern & winter won't be so harsh - 
here's hoping!
Beginning of a November sunset

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