Sunday 17 November 2013

Tweep Meet In Torremaggiore - Day 2

Where is everyone? 
After a fab Saturday evening with Amy & F - ending with a 
gelato, of course - hubby & I were up & out of the
B&B just after 9 am to explore Torremaggiore
on foot. We only made it as far as Il Castello
before we were accosted by Angela, a
'mature' lady, who asked us if we were Italian,
wanted to know what we were doing in 
Torremaggiore & who did we know there (it 
is an Italian idiosyncrasy that you establish
who you know in common before proceeding further
with a conversation). After giving us some advice on
where to visit, she smiled, wished us a 'Buona Domenica'
& carried on her way.

We headed for the Coffee Bar Amy & F had taken us to
on Saturday evening, only to discover it was closed on Sundays.
So we retraced out steps to a place we'd passed that had
an Illy sign outside, ordered our caffè & Orzo & sat at a
table. The guy behind the bar asked me if I really 
wanted a 'caffè normale' before making me one, & when he brought
it to the table he asked me if I was sure I wouldn't rather have
a 'macchiato' - they don't think 'stranieri' can take
the strong caffeine shot!

At 11 am Amy & F came to pick us up for the drive to Termoli, on 
the Adriatic coast. Parked up, we headed for the restaurant they
recommended for lunch to book a table, then headed for
the main Corso to grab a coffee & join the hordes of
Italians taking a morning passeggiata before heading
for the Centro Storico.
Il Castello, Termoli
Centro Storico

Tavolo per due

Allowing hubby & I plenty of opportunity to click away with
our cameras, giving me my 'wow moment' above & this
fab shot of Amy & F....

Love you both - thanx for giving us a fab weekend!

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