Wednesday 27 November 2013

Snow On The Amalfi Coast - I Kid You Not!

When one thinks of the Amalfi coast, one thinks of
prettily coloured buildings tumbling down hillsides to the sea...
brilliant sunshine reflecting off the ceramic tiled domes of
Praiano & Positano....beaches with regimented rows
of ombrelloni in the height of summer....Amalfi's Duomo....
one does not think of snow!
Il Duomo, Amalfi
Yesterday morning I was again awake at 'silly o'clock' and had to
wait a good 2 hours for the dawn to break. It was quite a
beautiful dawn when it finally happened - well worth the wait....
November dawn
But as it got lighter, it became obvious that there had been
snow along the Amalfi coast overnight....not as much as
the first time we'd seen some, back in 
February last year, but definitely a dusting that remained
throughout the day...
Yesterday's 'dusting'
So, of course, I've cajoled hubby into finding his photos from
last Winter - I'll never forget waking up on
2nd February 2012 & gasping in amazement
at the sight...
February 2012
In fact, if I hadn't seen it for myself, I'm not sure
I'd quite believe it
A snow capped Costiera Amalfitana

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