Saturday 23 November 2013

Chiusa Al Transito

Road closed ahead
So now we think we've sussed why the Comune filled in
the potholes on our mountain road back in the summer 
(see my blog post:
The SR ex SS 267 that runs along the coast has been 
closed & all traffic in both directions is being
diverted up or down the essentially single track road on Leila's mountain.

The turn for Leila's Mountain
So the peace & quiet of Il Sogno has been broken by the occasional
car or three going by intermittently for the past couple 
of days. Some sound their horns as they traverse
up or down, warning oncoming drivers of their presence.

And some seem to think that they are still on the smooth 
flat SR in their Ferraris or Lamborghinis, bomb along at 
breakneck speed & glare at you when you dare to be coming 
in the opposite direction at a much slower pace.

Every Italian drives one of their head

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