Monday 11 November 2013

Lest We Forget

So today's the day we remember the fallen who gave their lives for us.....
but what about those others who lost their lives for us.....
those like my maternal grandfather who only
'joined up' because he was unemployed, was sent to
the front line, promptly captured by the Germans & 
spent the rest of the war as a prisoner.

He gave his life for us; he came back after the war a broken man.
I remember he would spend every winter 'on the sick', 
permanently in bed with bronchitis - he'd made so many
attempts at escaping from the POW camp,
the Germans had taken his clothes away.
But although they broke his health, they never broke his spirit.

On his doctor's advice, my grandfather took early retirement
at the age of 64 on the grounds of ill health.
He died six weeks before his 65th birthday.

Today, I will remember my 'fallen' war hero - 
Thomas Clayton.

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