Monday 4 November 2013

Ortodonico - Once Ruler of All It Surveyed

November skies above Ortodonico

In Saturday's blog post 'The Sky Is Too Big'
I mentioned that we drove up to Ortodonico & stopped the car
to get out & have a bit of an explore.

So I thought I'd share some of the photos I took & tell you
a little about its history *makes quick Google search
in order to sound knowledgeable*.
Ortodonico was first mentioned in 1162 in 
a deed of private sale & remained in the hands
of the most powerful lords in the Kingdom, 
the Sanseverino, until 1552. In 1556
Ortodonico was sold to Silvio Amoresano 
for 880 ducats.

After the abolition of feudalism in 1806, Ortodonico became the capital of the municipality, but in 1927 the honour was transferred to Montecorice and the village became a hamlet of Castellabate.

As with all the medieval hilltop paese, it is a place
of narrow alleys & crumbling stonework,
a step back in time to a slower pace of life.

A lot of restoration work appears to be
going on at the moment - some properties
have what are obviously new stonework 
facades & even the
medieval tower's looks belie its age.
But there are also lots of
areas of neglect - evidence 
that we live in a very poor 
region in monetary terms, but so rich in
history & home to a very proud people.

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