Thursday 31 October 2013

At Last I Can Withdraw Cash

Santa Maria di Castellabate

Well, 3 years 2 weeks & 3 days after my PIN 
for my Carta BCC Cash was issued, I finally
got round to going into the Bank to collect it.
And, for the first time I actually used the

Hubby tried to withdraw some cash at the Bancomat
in La Torretta on Monday
but the machine wouldn't let him. 
He didn't really register the message that
came up before it told him to remove his card,
so wasn't sure if it was a problem with 
the card or if the Bancomat had run out of cash.
The next day he tried at the Bancomat near the
Poste in town - that was out of order.

He tried again at La Torretta on our way to 
Campania Marcianise yesterday morning - 
still no luck, but now he was almost certain
that the message was telling him it wasn't possible
to withdraw cash on his card.

So this morning we were up, dressed & in town by
9 am, where hubby tried once more - definitely
a case of not being able to withdraw any cash on the card.
Our friend Angelo had agreed to meet us at the Bank
to see if we could resolve the issue.
And it was quite simple - hubby had withdrawn the
maximum monthly limit allowable on his 
card. He could go to the sportello & get cash 
over the counter, could still use his card to pay
for purchases, he just couldn't make any further 
Bancomat withdrawals until tomorrow.

That's when we told the rather nice guy in the Bank
that I had a carta but no PIN. He took my card, entered
the details onto his computer & then smiled as he
asked how long had I had the card - 3 years & 3 weeks.
'Your PIN was issued on 14th October 2010' he said.
I knew that, but by the time it arrived in branch I was
back in the UK & just somehow I've never got
round to going to collect it.

But now, I have my PIN, know how to 
use the Bancomat following the Italian instructions
rather than English AND I have cash! (Well, I did,
briefly, until I had to hand it over to hubby).


  1. The monthly bancomat withdrawal limit is a real pain in the a$$, isn't it?

    1. It's the first time it's happened to us & the scary thing is, we haven't a clue
      where more than half of what we've withdrawn has gone

    2. LOL - not knowing where the money has gone is not just a pain in the a$$ then? Or, maybe, not so LOL??