Thursday 10 October 2013

Oh Sweet October Day - From Daybreak to Sunset

It was darker than it should be when I rose before 6 am yesterday 
- when it rained 30 minutes later, that explained why!

Brooding dawn skies
The clouds shrouded the sunrise & its breaking above the

Shrouded sunrise
But after a while there were blue skies & some wonderful
clouds strung along the Amalfi coast. Got my camera out
& didn't even spot the rainbow as I clicked away - new 
lenses in my Gucci specs I was about to pick up
were definitely needed!

Mid morning rainbow

 After lunch we made our trip into town for our afternoon gelato 
& there was a storm along the Costiera Amalfitana

Deceptively beautiful storm clouds
Then as the sun began to descend in the evening, 
more rain swept across from further south

Rain to the left, sunset to the right
And the sunset was diffused as the rain got heavier

Diffused sunset
Before the skies cleared once more to give wonderful hues to the
clouds, which were so low, the sea reflected them

Even the sea turned pink
 And that, my friends, was 9th October 2013 on Leila's mountain

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