Friday 18 October 2013

I Left My Heart In Santa Maria

Hubby & me in Punta Licosa
It's the morning of Monday 18th October & I wake up at some
ungodly hour in a strange bed - a single bed at that.
Then I suddenly realise that I'm back in the UK
and it is my son's second bedroom I've woken up in.
And the hour is even more ungodly than I thought, as
I've forgotten to put the clock on my 'phone back an
hour - oh joy!

My last weekend in Santa Maria had been a bit of a whirl;
an evening spent celebrating Mario & Anna's wedding anniversary 
- 14 of us at the table, 12 of whom spoke no English, one with 
limited Italian (me) & one with no Italian whatsoever (hubby),
Saturday morning spent up at Il Sogno with Mario using
bricks to work the room layouts before building
works could commence, Sunday spent enjoying the October sun 
before packing my hand baggage
and getting rather emotional at the thought of leaving hubby
behind & flying back to Stansted alone.

As we set off in 'Mouse', leaving Villa Caterina & Il Cenito
behind us, I was very close to tears.
'Mouse' in the car park of Il Cenito
By the time we got to Naples I was really wound up; 
I didn't know how long I was going to be back in the UK
and the longest hubby & I had ever been apart was a week.
As we hugged each other & said our tearful goodbyes, I wasn't 
just upset about leaving hubby, I was sorry to be
leaving the magic of Santa Maria behind.
Santa Maria di Castellabate

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