Tuesday 22 October 2013

Let Building Works Commence

Me, Maria, Alfredo & Alfredo 'Vecchio' 12/5/10
When we first saw Il Sogno back in May 2010 she was a newly
completed 'shell'. The date she was 'finished' had been
tapped into a stone by the front door & it was
the day after we'd set off from the UK in 'Mouse' 
on our second house hunting trip together.

20/4/10 - the date Il Sogno was 'finished'
We bought Il Sogno 'as seen', giving us the freedom to design her
layout and choose our own geometra & costruttore.
As soon as she was legally ours, on 13th October 2010, 
we negotiated with Mario to complete the works & to use his 
geometra, Domenico, to draw up the plans for approval by the
       Il Sogno 'before'
However, the works could commence
before approval had been granted & so we spent
the morning of Saturday 16th October
working out the room layouts, with Mario laying
lines of bricks to our instructions.

We appear to have a digger in the garden
And on Monday 18th October, whilst I was back at my desk in the 
UK, diggers turned up to level the ground in preparation
for a terrace to be laid, builders arrived to begin 
constructing the internal walls & hubby was left
wondering how the heck he was going to communicate with
any of them, when his Italian language skills were 
absolutely 'niente'.

Mouse got used to trundling up the mountain

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