Friday 25 October 2013

And Today's Excitement Was.......

I was, as usual, awake at 'silly o'clock' this morning, although
I did manage to stay in bed until 5.50 am, which is almost
a lie-in for me. Opened the lounge french door shutter
to watch the daybreak, made myself a
cuppa & then hubby was up before 7 am,
moaning that it was too early & too dark. 
Opening the rest of the lounge & kitchen shutters
didn't make it much lighter.

Hubby doesn't normally surface that early
but today we'd got Nicola coming to empty
our 2 fosse biologiche & he'd said he would be here
at 8 am. Needless to say, because we were up &
ready, it was nearer 9 when he arrived.

First of all his truck trundled on up the mountain - the turn into
our steep driveway is a very sharp one so is best
approached by coming down the mountain 
by anything bigger than our Land Rover.
Nicola got out, grumbling about that but soon set to
doing the job required, with the help of his brother.

The lids were lifted from the fosse, the blue tube inserted
and the removal of all the waste began.
Whilst this happened hubby & Nicola chatted about
the olive harvest - Nicola suggested we use
mechanical means to get the job done in a day,
but this would mean our oil wasn't extra virgin.
Not that it matters, seeing as we only use it for ourselves,
but it is quite a 'buzz' to know what we've produced
would be classed as extra virgin commercially.

Fosse emptied, Nicola then tried to overcharge us by
€50. Hubby told him if he wanted paying more
than the price agreed on the 'phone he'd have to speak
to me. Nicola wasn't that brave!

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