Saturday 5 October 2013

Villa Caterina

Villa Caterina
The morning after our arrival at Sulle Onde della Collina we went 
into Santa Maria to see Flavio at the Estate Agency & view some
apartments available for short term rental. 
Whatever we decided on would be hubby's home 
for the next couple of months - I was returning to the UK
on the 17th October to carry on working whilst
building work transformed Il Sogno from the
shell it was into our family home.

We already knew before we set out from the UK that the date
for signing the contract to purchase had been put back
by a week from the 6th October to the 13th; we just hoped 
that there would be no further postponement that
would necessitate my changing my return flight.

When we met with Flavio, it became obvious that the Agency
hadn't had much success with finding us a suitable
property to stay in over the autumn months - property 
owners here are happy to just rent out for the
summer months & then lock up the property until
at least the following Easter. In fact, I don't think
they'd even given it any thought since they'd agreed
that they would help to find us somewhere back on our
visit in April.

Enter Maria Grazia, wife of the Agency's boss; she had a
friend who was looking for a short term tenant for a
huge apartment out beyond San Marco. The friend 
conveniently walked past the office & was called in to 
be introduced. Hubby's mobile rang & he went outside to
take the call. I was left to talk about the possible renting of
the apartment but I knew one thing for certain: I was NOT
shaking hands with anyone as this would be a 'done deal'
before we'd even viewed the place. And was I glad I didn't
fall into the trap of shaking hands - the apartment was
filthy & would take weeks to clean. Narrow escape there then.

Another option was an apartment in Villa Ambrosia in 
frazione Cenito; Maria took us along but when she
'phoned the owner we couldn't view it until after 5 pm.
The villa looked fairly new & well maintained, but it was
located next to a car mechanic's workshop so we were
a little unsure as to whether or not to view it later.

Il Cenito
Then Maria had a moment of inspiration: Attilio 
the car mechanic also owned a B&B, Il Cenito, & 
in the grounds there was a tiny villa, Villa Caterina.
One cosy bedroom, a good sized kitchen/lounge/diner,
a covered terrace with a beautiful ceramic table
and its own little garden. All behind electric gates &
tucked away from the main road. We fell in love with it
as soon as we saw it, settled on a monthly rental figure
& it was agreed that we could move in the next morning.

Villa Caterina - hubby's home for 3 months

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