Monday 28 October 2013

28th October 2010

Il Sogno, viewed from higher up Leila's Mountain
It is 10 days since Mario & his team commenced working
to turn Il Sogno into our new home.
Hubby is up there every day, taking photos to e-mail 
to me so I can see how things are progressing.
Already the house has gone from this....
To this.......
My 'soggiorno' is full of building supplies

The room layout is taking shape so quickly, I'm just a little excited....
All the bedrooms have been defined

That will be the doorway to our bedroom

Our bedroom is going to
be so tiny, but the view
from our bed will compensate.

And outside the digger has been carving our new driveway between the trees,
huge amounts of earth having been moved....
This will be gravelled eventually

Hubby stood where our carport is now sited for this shot

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