Tuesday 8 October 2013

Soundtrack To My Life

If they made a film of your life, which songs or pieces of music would you choose to appear on the soundtrack? Which tracks stick
in your mind for no particular reason other than you
really really like them? And which tracks hold memories so precious they'll never fade?

When I was growing up we only ever had a radio to listen to
at home; my aunt & uncle had a huge radiogram - one of those
'sideboard-sized' pieces of furniture that seemed to take up an awful lot of room in their first home. I spent a lot of time with my aunt (my mum's sister) and I remember that The Beatles track, Michelle, was one of her favourites when it was released in 1965, simply because she would've named my cousin Stewart 'Michelle' if he'd been a girl http://youtu.be/BKvee-w0uBc

The Monkees - my first 'pop idols'
And, of course, I was a big fan of The Monkees - what girl of my era wasn't? I watched the TV series, I turned the radio up every time a track of theirs was played, I bought the bubblegum that gave you a 4-pack of cards to collect (school playtime was the perfect opportunity to do 'swapsies')  and my favourite song was Daydream Believer http://youtu.be/nU615FaODCg

Then I hit my teenage years & Dad finally bought a record deck & stereo system - I was in heaven! First single I ever bought was
T Rex's Ride A White Swan http://youtu.be/KDAh19tms4U. 1970 also saw me 'fall in love' with David Cassidy - posters of him & Marc Bolan were plastered all over the wall opposite my bed.

My first ever album
1973 & I'm 16; this is the year we went abroad on holiday for the first time. I was into David Bowie & Elton John - Elton's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was purchased with my first earnings from my Saturday job, swiftly followed by Bowie's Aladdin Sane (Yes I know Bowie's album was released before Elton's but I wanted Elton's more than David's when I went buying).
And my second album purchase

Fast forward through my late teenage years: I left college having failed my final NNEB exams so I went out into the 'big wide world' & got a job at an Insurance Brokers. I met & married my first husband by the time I was 19 (we never had an 'our tune'). Then came the era of Saturday Night Fever & Grease. The very last month of 1979 saw me become a mum for the
first time and 9 months later my marriage fell
apart. The following year I met hubby, 3 days after his 21st birthday, at a party thrown by a girl I worked with. We had a
blast & the 'theme song' to our courting days was Bob Seger's Hollywood Nights - I would turn it up full blast on his car stereo & wind the windows down as we drove through the darkened streets on the way home each night http://youtu.be/3H0ma6BQa-w

Another 'our tune' is Dire Straits' Romeo & Juliet, simply because
he quoted lines from it in the first ever Valentine's card he sent me on the day we got engaged.  And hubby knows that I absolutely adore Pure Shores, for no other reason than that I love the OST to The Beach & that is my favourite track from it - my wish is to have it played at my funeral mass and again as I am buried at sea.

But the track that is the theme tune to this particular chapter of my life is Ellie Goulding's How Long Will I Love You, from the as yet unreleased Richard Curtis film, About You. 2013 has not been an easy year for either of us, but he's still here, by my side & I plan on us growing old & grey together http://youtu.be/B2KKcjSOBmk

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