Saturday 27 July 2013

Where Are You Staying?

Yesterday evening, as it approached the time to be thinking about dinner, hubby decided it was too hot to cook. Me, I'm 'The Undomesticated Goddess', leaving cooking duties to hubby unless I'm in the mood to cook risotto, so I wasn't arguing when he suggested that we go try out the latest 'apertura' in Santa Maria, La Cuopperia, which is located on Marina Piccola & housed in the building where Bar L'Ancora used to be. We hit town just before 7 (which is way too early for any self-respecting Italian to consider sitting down for their evening meal), so we decided to have a drink at L'Ancora, sitting on the decking overlooking la spiaggia.
We sat watching the activity on the still crowded beach when a lone guy came & sat at the table next but one to us. He looked across & smiled at us both once he'd sat down but didn't speak immediately. Hubby & I were making small talk when the guy asked, "Where are you staying?" And that buzz went through me as I was able to reply, "We're not, we live here" - it really is a feeling that can't be beat.
So began the questions: 1. How long have we lived here? 2. What brought us to Santa Maria? 3. What do the locals make of us?
Answers: 1. Just over 2 and a half years. 2. Couldn't afford the Amalfi coast. 3. They love us for living here all year round. But if I was to answer question 2 in any depth it would have to be as follows:-

Santa Maria di Castellabate, as well as Castellabate itself, holds a certain type of magic. It has a faded beauty, hinting at a more majestic past, when the Principe Belmonte really would have been revered in sovereignty. The people are warm, loving & proud of their 'paese', this is a close knit community of
4000 people where old traditions and a way of life lost to the 21st century are still very much in evidence; coming here is like being caught up in a time warp. Add to that its beautiful coastal location, the stunning scenery on its doorstep and it is easy to see why any visitor soon becomes spellbound by its magic.

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