Monday 22 July 2013

It's Monday, Please Don't Lock Us Out Again (Part 2)

Tom saw us appear at his front door, only slightly wet, as the torrential rain had literally started as we got to his driveway. We had struggled to unwrap the chain around the gates & then run up the steps to the house. "What on earth are you doing here at this time of night?" "I've locked us out" I answered.
"So why didn't you call me?" asked Tom "Because our phones are locked in the house"."So you guys have driven down?" "Nope, the car keys are in the house too, we've walked"
Tom, being the great guy that he his, kindly offered to let us sleep in his double bed that night but, for me at least, there was a problem - the bathroom is downstairs and the open tread staircase 
is very steep; I had visions of either hubby or I missing a step & falling in the middle of the night. Solution to problem? Phone Danilo & ask if we could stay at Sulle Onde della Collina for the night. Next problem: Tom didn't have Danilo's number in his mobile, barely had any credit on his phone  & Grace, who definitely WOULD have the number, was away for the week. 
Tom decided he probably had enough credit to phone Grace 
as well as Danilo, provided neither call lasted very long and made the first call but Grace didn't answer......wait a couple of minutes & try again - no answer.....wait a couple of minutes, try again, this time, success; as with everything in Italy, third
time lucky! Danilo's number safely stored in Tom's phone, 
the call to Sulle Onde was made and Danilo agreed to come pick us up from Tom's; the poor guy got absolutely drenched dashing from the B&B to his car & again when he got out at Tom & Grace's. We were once more made to tell the story of how I'd managed to lock us out before we braved the downpour to dash to Danilo's car. Maryda was waiting to greet us at the door as we again dashed from car to safe haven, once again we recanted the story of the 'bloccato', before being shown to a room at the back of the house - from whose french doors we could see Il Sogno, nestled further up the mountain, outside lights blazing all night & facing the onslaught of the increasingly violent storm. A good night's sleep was going to be almost impossible for either of us.


  1. .....but..... the end of the story is?
    i.e. how did you get back in the next day?
    What about the tarpaulin?
    How much was the electricity bill??? ;-)

    1. You'll have to wait for next week's instalment ;-)