Monday 8 July 2013

22 Years Ago Today

This pic is the avi I use on Twitter and on my Google+ profile. I hate having my photo taken and I am reluctant to show the world the 'real me' but in today's blog I'm going to do the 'big reveal'.

Twenty two years ago today my mum succumbed to the breast cancer she'd been diagnosed with only 3 months earlier. The tumour was a very aggressive one & the radiotherapy treatment had failed. She died exactly a week before she was due to start chemotherapy. She was 54 and it was 5 days after my 34th birthday; no age at all and I certainly felt too young to be losing my mum. And now I was left to comfort my dad with no siblings to support me - being an only child 'sucks' at times.

But being an only child also has its advantages. There is no sibling rivalry and no benchmark to live up to. Despite a strict upbringing, I was free to be me and become the untamed spirit that I still am.

So today I reflect on the fact that I have now lived 2 years longer than my mum did and for me that's a big achievement. Maybe that's why I love life, my family & friends with a passion - who knows when I'll step off my mortal coil? Although, given the choice, I want to go to the beach and simply swim off to the horizon, never to return - burial at sea 'on the cheap'.

And what have I achieved in those 22 years since she died? With the help of my amazing hubby I've raised a wonderful son & daughter. In 2007 we seemed to spend the whole year celebrating: January saw the In-Laws' Golden Wedding Anniversary; in April our daughter was 21; July saw me celebrate my 50th birthday in Sardinia and August held a double celebration for us - our son got married 15 days before our Silver Wedding Anniversary. And my pressie to hubby to celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss? A 'How To Look Good Naked' photo:

Yes, I was lucky enough to find a super female photographer & the photo sums me up: naked as the day I was born, apart from my second set of wedding & engagement rings, my Gucci Twirl watch and the shoes & wrap I wore to our son's wedding. And a monochrome study because all of my parents' baby photos of me are in black & white.

As for my other achievements: in 2009 I became 'Nanali' to our first grandchild, Megan (hubby will be forever know as 'Grumps'); the following year I chased a dream & ended up living in one of the most stunning locations I've ever seen. But more of that later.....

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