Wednesday 17 July 2013

Il Sogno

It was Thursday 2nd October 2008. Thursday was my day off from work each week; the day I did the supermarket run, occasionally had lunch with the In-Laws and usually managed to catch up with one of my friends for a lovely afternoon of girlie chat - my idea of a day well spent. I would arrive back home about 30 minutes before hubby was due in and assume domestic duties in the kitchen, so that something suitably delicious
from M&S Food Hall was wafting it's aroma from the fan-assisted oven and the veggies were whizzing round in the microwave when he set foot through the door (my culinary skills are probably 'zero' on a scale of 0 to 10) The usual 'hello' kiss between us when he got home, followed by telling each other about our day ensued; I'd had a lovely afternoon with my friend Morag and hubby announced that they'd had a director's meeting at the office and he was going to take early retirement the following year, at the same time as his fellow director who would be leaving on grounds of ill health. "And how about we sell up & go live in Italy?" he asked, with a hugely sheepish grin on his face.
This was a total 'bolt out of the blue' as far as I was concerned. There'd been no hint that hubby had been thinking along these lines at all, although he had always said that he would retire at the same time as his co-director, this was all now going to happen at least 7 years earlier than expected. "What, really? Really, really go live there?" "Yes, why not?" A million reasons why not whirled through my head, quickly followed by a million reasons for giving it a go.
And so began the chasing of a dream........

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