Monday 29 July 2013

Adapting to Italian Summer Living (1)

This is our 3rd summer here in the Cilento & I think we've finally
'cracked it' when it comes to staying as cool as possible
during the hot summer months.
With highs of 36ยบ+ forecast by the end of the week, being sensible
about exposure to the sun & staying hydrated are the main priorities.

Back in the UK, as soon as that rare occurrence, a beautifully hot 
summer day happened, I would be rushing around the house, 
opening all the windows, to let the warm air in; over here that's
a total 'no no'. 

If you think that, simply because all the shutters are closed, there's 
nobody home, you're wrong - living in a 'twilight' world during 
the hottest months of July & August is 'the norm'....
we sleep with the windows open all night,
to take advantage of the cooler air (as low as 22 on a good night) & 
the shutters firmly closed against intruders. 
In the morning when I rise (at some ungodly hour most 
days as I have a lifetime membership of 'Insomniacs United')
I'll check the outside temperature & decide whether or not to close 
all of the windows before breakfast. Then I'll open just two pairs 
of shutters - those to the lounge french doors & those to the 
kitchen window. This is to let sufficient early morning light in 
through windows which aren't yet facing the sun.
As the day progresses and the sun circles the house, so the game of 
'musical shutters' begins. Firstly the kitchen shutters will be
closed as the sun creeps over its windowsill & for the next couple
 of hours only the french door shutters remain open. By mid 
afternoon these have also been closed 

and the shutters to the 2 lounge windows opened to allow in some 
light. Keeping the opening & closing of the front door to a 
minimum is also a requirement if we are to keep the air 
in the house as cool as possible.

And so, although I rush to greet each brand new day, I have finally 
learnt that I have to go outside to meet the day, rather than allow 
its fierce heat to pervade the cool sanctuary that is Il Sogno.

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