Monday 22 July 2013

It's Monday, Please Don't Lock Us Out Again (Part 1)

It was Monday 2nd May 2011, it was 10pm and a storm was
blowing in from the Amalfi coast. The strong winds were howling round Il Sogno and suddenly we heard the tarpaulin which covered the outside table break free and begin to flap wildly.
We didn't relish the idea of chasing it down the mountain so hubby & I both ran outside to retrieve it and the front door closed behind me........

"Oh shit!" I muttered & hubby's language was just as choice; I've never seen him so angry. Il Sogno is like Fort Knox when all the shutters are closed for the night - I had well & truly locked us out! The TV was on, the lounge, bathroom & bedroom lights were on, our mobile phones were inside & so were the house keys. We were dressed only in our jeans, t-shirts & slippers and the thunder was rumbling ever louder and the lightning flashes coming closer but luckily it still wasn't raining.

"What the hell are we going to do, where will we spend the night?" asked hubby. "Can't we see if Tom's still up? He's only just come back from the USA, he should be up for hours yet" I replied.
So we set off, down the potholed tarmac track that passes for a road, to Tom & Grace's house at the foot of the mountain. It was pitch black between the lightning flashes & hubby was so angry at me he'd marched off in front, not seeming to care whether I
was following him or not.
It didn't take as long as we expected to reach the foot of the mountain & we literally got to our American friends' house just as the heavens opened. To say we were relieved to find the lights still on is an understatement.

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