Wednesday 3 July 2013

Born on the 3rd July

So I discover from Google that I share my birthday with Franz Kafka, who would be 130 today if he were still alive. Because I signed up for Google+ to be able to blog, I got my own personalised Google Doodle, which was quite exciting for me - the girl within me refuses to grow up....

Then I decided to check who else famous shares my birthday: Laura Branigan, the American singer
and Ken Ober, an American comedian were both born on the same day as me but died in 2004 & 2009 respectively. Sort of brings it home that none of us are immortal & we should certainly not take it 
for granted that we are going to reach a ripe old age. I myself am now have lived 2 years longer than my mum, who died of breast cancer when I was 34. She died the day before her sister's birthday & I'm still convinced that God gave her the choice to leave us on 8th July, purely to make my aunt's birthday a more joyous occasion in the following years rather than a double-edged sword of bitter sweet sadness. 

And who else of note shares my birthday? Vince Clarke, singer-songwriter, musician & producer. Julie Burchill, journalist & author (used to love her articles in the Sunday Times Magazine). Tracey Emin, the artist. Shane Lynch of Boyzone fame. And probably the most famous, Tom Cruise, who is 5 years
younger than me. 

Today has been the third birthday I've spent at Il Sogno, our home here in the Cilento, halfway up what we have christened 'Leila's Mountain' (more of that in a later blog). Having a relaxing day lazing on sunloungers on our terrace, with views to the Amalfi coast, sharing the day with my amazing hubby, John, who has now shared 32 birthdays with me, has just been wonderful. The novelty of living here & knowing this is home still hasn't worn off. I love living on this mountain and I love being able to share the beauty of my surroundings.

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