Thursday 15 August 2013

The Visit - Days 1 & 2

Our daughter and her BF flew out on Saturday to spend 5 nights with us at Il Sogno. Flight landed 10 minutes early, so we were back home by 11 pm.  Being typically English, the kettle went on for a cuppa as soon as we walked through the door, the suitcase was thrown into the second bedroom & we all sat out on the terrace so that Flik & the BF could be introduced to Cupcake.  Normally wary of new people, Cupcake obviously sensed that Flik is a 'cat person' & within 5 minutes she was lying in her lap, enjoying all the fuss.

Sunday morning & we started it slowly, cuppa to wake everyone up, breakfast on the terrace,  La Torretta for a coffee - the place was heaving, as usual.  Back to Il Sogno for R & R, a leisurely lunch 'fuori', followed by another cuppa & an afternoon spent reading.  It was agreed that we'd go into town for dinner - Flik & the BF needed to go see Natalino at Cilento Sub to arrange the 4 dives they hoped to do over the next 2 days.  Dives were sorted - kitting up would take place at 9 am Monday - & we took a
passeggiata down to Lo Sparviero to enjoy a marvellous dinner (see my last blog).
Castellabate viewed from San Marco 

Monday morning meant an early start to be at the Dive Centre for 9 am. I was going to go on the boat trip with them but hubby doesn't 'do' boats so he planned to go for his Monday morning yoga lesson as usual. Kit sorted, we hitched a lift with Roberto, one of the instructors, down to San Marco port, boarded the boat, waited for Natalino to arrive (probably made a 'pitstop' to buy more cigarettes) & eventually set out to sea. The more experienced divers were to make a deeper dive first, out beyond Punta Licosa, then we headed back closer to shore for Flik & the BF to make their 15-20m dive.
Wet suited & ready to dive

Wet suits were donned, weights sorted, flippers & masks put on as they sat on the edge of the boat, tanks put on backs & entries into the water were made. Natalino was last to enter the water, ran through the hand signals once more & they slowly descended into 'il profondo blu'. When they eventually surfaced, Flik had the hugest grin on her face - she really does love her scuba diving - they'd seen a huge jellyfish & held a sea anemone. Verdict was it had been a good dive & they couldn't wait for their second dive at 4pm that afternoon.

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