Monday 26 August 2013

Rossellinis - Food To Die For

When you arrive in Ravello you truly think that you have died & gone to heaven.
When you eat at Rossellinis you KNOW that you have died & gone to heaven.
And so, on Saturday 24th August, hubby & I 'died & went to 
heaven' for the fourth time in 6 years......

Waking up in Ravello on our Wedding Anniversary is something 
we've now done on 3 occasions, and eating at Rossellinis 
is how we celebrated our Silver Anniversary in 2007.
The ambience is wonderful, the views are amazing & the food
really is 'to die for'.

As soon as we stepped from the bar to the restaurant, we knew we
were going to have a great evening - the Maitre d' on duty  
recognised us from our visits in 2007 & '08 and so we
received exceptional service from the moment we were shown 
to our table.
Menus to hand, I promptly decided I wanted to order 4 starters
- all mouthwatering & L'Astice Reale was locally caught, but
hubby was ordering that, so I settled for La Conchiglia Saint Jacques.

La Conchiglia Saint Jacques
L'Astice Reale

The decision as to what to order for my main was much easier - there was a dish with Red Shrimp, so
it was 'no contest'. Hubby settled on Suckling Pig & the Sommelier duly recommended a Marisa Cuomo Costa D'Amalfi Rosato 2012 to complement my dishes (hubby's teetotal - I have learnt to ignore the looks of disapproval).
Marisa Cuomo Costa D'Amalfi
Il Maialino da Latte

Of course, eating 2 Michelin starred food means lots of tasting of each other's dishes - hubby's Astice was just mouthwatering & he agreed that
my Conchiglie were of 'melt in the mouth' standard. Morsels of main courses were also exchanged, but no way would I have swapped my Veal & Red Shrimp for anything else on the menu.
La Guancia di Vitello e Il Gambero Rosso

Then came the REALLY important part of the evening - choosing 
dessert. If the Italians do one thing  exquisitely - besides gelato, 
that is - it's 'il dolce'. Hubby soon chose 'Dolce e esotico' - 
Coconut Cake with Mango & Papaya heart, covered in Poached Chocolate Mousse, Mojito Foam with Coconut and Fruit Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ice cream. After great deliberation, I 
finally settled on La mia Crostatina al Contrario - 
Almond & Lemon Crumble, Lemon Chiboust, Smoked Lemon Meringue, Milk & Lemon Ice Cream, Lemon Flavoured Biscuit & Iced Mint - it was pure
La mia Crostatina al Contrario
Dolce e esotico
          perfection in a sexy black dish!

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