Sunday 18 August 2013

The Tweep Meet

Hi, my name is Alison & I am a Twitterholic. I opened a twitter account in September 2012 and I have already tweeted over 48000 tweets. Hubby thinks I have a huge problem - I just think I have a huge circle of friends. A global circle of friends, stretching from New Zealand & Australia, through Macau & India, Europe & to the USA & Canada. I currently follow 362 'tweeps' but some of those are celebrities, rugby players, authors & my favourite artistes. But there is an 'inner circle' of tweeps who I consider to be family - people I've bonded with very quickly, who I've connected with intellectually who share my sense of humour & my outlook on life, as well as some of my life experiences. One of those people is the lovely Amy, who tweets as @BritInItaly; Amy made the move from the UK to Puglia at about the same time that we came to the Cilento & her blog posts have often had me saying "OMG, I can SO relate to that" - she has affectionately become known as our 'surrogate daughter'.

Last Friday a tweet from Amy appeared on my TL:'On route to Cilento...seriously amazed at how many lorries there are transporting tomatoes #pugliapomodoriarethebest'. Was I excited, or was I excited???!!!! OK, I admit it I was excited, just a little.....well maybe a bit more than a little.....maybe a lot more than a little.....OK, I was unbearably excited! Here was an opportunity to have my first ever 'tweep meet', right on our own doorstep. DMs & Google chats followed to find where Amy & her BF were staying and to arrange to meet up at La Torretta on Saturday evening before moving onto La Fattoria for dinner. Amy tweeted a pic of what she'd be wearing so that we could spot her among the crowd that would undoubtedly be thronging around at that time of the evening (hubby had joked that he'd only recognise her if she posed exactly as in her Twitter avi).
The lovely Amy is even lovelier 'in the flesh'

We were a little late arriving - the queue of traffic leaving the beach & heading for home was horrendous in both directions - but we were there first. We sat outside watching the world go by & then suddenly spotted the gorgeous Amy & her Italian BF across the road, a huge grin appearing on her face as she spotted us. Greetings & introductions were made in true Italian style - BIG hugs between us girls - we were both equally excited (on scale of 1 to 10, I'm guessing at least 15). And so began a fantastic evening hubby & I are never going to forget.

Thanx Amy & F for sharing our evening, we hope there'll many more visits to come.

PS: Find Amy's blog here:

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