Monday 19 August 2013

The Brit Pack

Pic courtesy of @BritInItaly
In my previous blog,'The Tweep Meet', I confessed my addiction to Twitter. One of the things I've missed since we made the move to Italy is the daily office banter & my Thursdays off, when I would do the supermarket shop in the morning & spend the afternoon catching up with one of my girlfriends. Here in the Cilento it is very difficult to make 'real friends' - everyone wants to be your friend up to a certain point (mostly for 'bragging rights' methinks), but the friendship never develops into that comfortable one where you know you could go knock on the door if you were feeling down & needed to pour your heart out to someone other than your OH. Hubby & I have been 'adopted' by the Russo family, who live in Ogliastro Marina, and we spent Christmas & New Year with them, as well as celebrating family birthdays but we rarely see them on a daily basis. They are a wonderful family & we love them all dearly, but there's still that something missing & that's where Twitter came in.

So now I have a huge circle of internet friends and my 'inner circle' who mean the world to me & within that 'inner circle' I also have the tweeps who have become known affectionately as 'The Brit Pack' - a group of Expats who have all made the move to Italy & have gelled in that wonderful way that internet friendships can. We say 'hi' on Twitter every morning, most of us blog & we all share ideas, problems & experiences and have become a 'virtual' support network for each other. So I guess I best make the introductions:-

Firstly there's Amy, @BritInItaly, the gorgeous girlie we got to meet on Saturday. She lives near Foggia in Puglia & teaches English.Her blogs have been the building blocks of our friendship. Blog:

Then there's Claire, @runbritchickrun, the 'yummy mummy-to-be' who lives in Roma. Currently blogging about impending motherhood, Claire has seriously missed her running during her pregnancy.


Then we move to Milano, where we have 2 tweeps: Nerys, @welshieinitaly, & Andy, @andyinmilan, who both blog: and

Nerys hunts out Italian classics for Sunday listening & also teaches us a new word each week and Andy...well Andy is a great guy, lives with his OH, F, and paints a picture of life in Italy from a male perspective.

Then we move back to Roma, to the 'newbie', Yasmin, aka @PPSortida. She's a teacher who moved out here in February. She doesn't blog (as far as I'm aware) - think she's been too busy settling into her new life.
And finally we have Andria, @ExpatToscana, who lives on the outskirts of Firenze, along with a house bunny, a rescue dog & her BF and is a teacher, an Italophile & majors in all things Tuscan - a true lover of 'Chiantishire'.

So there we are, introductions made - these are the members of 'The Brit Pack'. Now go read their blogs, follow them on Twitter & find out more about them.

All pics of 'The Brit Pack' are their Twitter avi's, which they kindly agreed I could 'lift' for this blog post.

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