Tuesday 27 August 2013

August 2007 in Ravello II

Pic courtesy Hotel Caruso website
Apart from the awesome champagne & caviar breakfast we had on our terrace at the Hotel Caruso (see my August 2007 in Ravello I blog)  Cilento Fairy Tales: August 2007 in Ravello I
and the 'mouthgasmic' meal we had that night at Rossellinis (the menu appears to have been lost in the move to Il Sogno, all I can remember is the Dolce Grande which, basically, was a chocoholic's fantasy come true), my abiding memory will be of swimming in the Hotel Caruso's infinity pool - it really IS breathtaking in the extreme.

Normally I hate swimming in hotel pools - I much prefer 'God's Big Pond' - but at 300m above sea level and with a view along the Amalfi coast & across the Gulf of Salerno, swimming in the Caruso's pool is one of those 'Bucket List' moments. The pool staff, Iolanda, Vito & Marco, were attentive to our every need - from bringing our drinks orders, fresh fruit & facial spritzers throughout the day, to re-positioning our sunloungers to follow the path of the sun.

I set myself a goal of swimming 50 lengths of the pool each day - one for each year of my age (I'd reached the 'milestone' back in July). But this soon turned into 50 lengths each time I went in the
pool, simply because swimming it was really one of the most awesome experiences ever. And at the end of each swim, I'd float at the infinity edge, drinking in the view & feeling like I truly was in heaven.

Our last day at the Hotel Caruso

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