Saturday 10 August 2013

The Storm

The clouds began to gather mid afternoon - some white, some grey & menacing - but we weren't totally convinced the forecast storm was going to happen. However, just as hubby began to dish up dinner, the first rumble of thunder could be heard out beyond Ogliastro Marina. We took our meals & our drinks (a glass of rosé for me, apple juice for hubby) out to the dining table on the terrace & I dashed back inside to grab my camera. It has been ambition of mine to capture a lightning bolt on camera for a while now & I was hopeful this evening I might be lucky.

The thunder rumbled louder and after a few minutes the lightning began to flash out at sea. During dinner I picked up the camera more than once but wasn't quite quick enough to 'bag' a great shot. I was prepared to persevere however, and after a while I knew I'd finally 'ticked the box' on my Bucket List.....not just one lightning bolt captured on camera, but three within 5 minutes. How excited was I? (Very, as hubby can vouch for if asked).

My first ever lightning bolt shot

My 'perfect moment' pic of the day

Final successful shot

The storm raged on for more than 5 hours, rumbling around the valley, the lightning flashing above the menacing low clouds beyond San Marco & Castellabate, affording me this atmospheric shot to end my day......

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