Tuesday 20 May 2014

The Tickets Have Arrived - At a Cost

My Smartphone rang at 12:16.
It was an Italian number I didn't recognise,
so I rejected the call. As soon as I'd done so,
it suddenly dawned on me it might actually
be the UPS guy trying to arrange delivery
of the coveted Bastille 'Rock In Roma' tickets.
Hubby phoned him back & arranged to meet him
in the car park of the local supermarket, 
as is 'the norm' for anything we want delivering 
to Il Sogno.

Getting the tickets was going to be probably the
best #100happydays moment so far, and quite
an appropriate one for Day 50 - the 'halfway point'.

Unfortunately, the 'happy moment' has been marred
somewhat by hubby being involved in a crash
as he left the supermarket car park.
Luckily no-one in either vehicle was hurt.
But the other car is a more than likely a write off.

And now we have the joys of trying to 
sort out an insurance claim......
in Italian......in which we are by no means yet fluent,
especially when it comes to something like this.......
in an area where hardly anyone speaks English.....
oh, what fun!

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