Friday 23 May 2014

Finding Out The Hard Way

Well, the good news is, Bianca is repairable,
for around about €800.
Or we could have a new front bumper & foglight
for about €1500.
Either way, the cost is a lot lower than I expected,
which is good.

So the long weekend in Rome to see Bastille
is no longer under threat......and we don't need to
start playing the lottery.

But the bad news is......
we were assured we'd been sold a 'fully comprehensive' policy.
Now that hubby's had an accident, we've discovered that it isn't.

And it's a little scary to think that if
Bianca was involved in a really bad
smash & was a total write off, that would
be €30k+ wiped off our savings in a blink.

Maybe we should start playing the lottery after all.

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