Monday 12 May 2014

And Whilst We're On The Subject.......

These are my beloved Icone killer heels, bought back in
2006 from my favourite shoe shop in the UK, 
Belle Scarpe, at The Mailbox in Birmingham.
I lusted after them for ages, but at an original selling price
of £320, no way was hubby giving in to my pouting.
Eventually they were in the sale.....and they still had my size
in £198 they were a definite bargain; 
this time the pouting worked, and the shoe lust was satiated.

Of course, new shoes mean new handbag....
but I couldn't find anything I liked in Birmingham.
So, the following Saturday, I was 'on a mission'
to find a red handbag in Leicester, and I wouldn't
give up until I found one.

There were a couple of possibilities in Fenwick's
but I quickly discounted them....
then I spotted a Coccinelle bag on the highest
 display shelf - it was perfect.
I asked the assistant if I could take a closer look.
"But that one's £120, Madam, I don't think
you'll want to pay that".
If it hadn't been exactly what I wanted,
I would have walked away.
Instead, I calmly replied,
"Having paid £198 for the shoes it's to match,
£120 is not a problem".

The bag is mine.....and I LOVE it!

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