Thursday 8 May 2014

The Path To The Washing Line

Yesterday I posted a photo of my flowery wellies as my
#100happydays pic - nestled amongst the wildflowers
that dominate our almost acre of garden at this time of year.
I wear them when I have to tromp down 
to the washing line, which is strung between some of
the olive trees below the house.

There isn't a path as such, I have merely worn a 
track through the spring flowers, starting here....

and wended my way down through the grapevines,

ducking under them just here,

and making my way towards the olive grove.

It's lovely hearing all the bees buzzing as they dart between
the flowers.

Some of the grasses are now taller than me,
and it can seem a bit of a trek, especially if it
starts to rain & I have to dash out to retrieve the washing.

But then again, my washing line probably has one of the most
stunning views in the world

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