Saturday 1 March 2014

White Charlies

So another month is over & today we should start
the day with the words "White Rabbits".
But in our house we tend to say 
"White Charlies", in memory of
Charlie, the white lop eared rabbit 
who was our house bunny for 3 years.

He used to follow hubby around like a dog,
sit under his dining chair whenever we
were eating & loved sitting on the
back doormat, eating Shreddies.
We'd trained him to use a litter tray in
the utility room - the only problem being
that he would then use the Sunday Times
as a toilet when we left it lying on the lounge floor.
But you have to be impressed that he knew
that he had to use the newspaper!

He's buried under the weeping cherry in the corner
of the garden at our old place, 1474 miles away
from where we are now, but we remember him
at the start of each new month.

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