Thursday 6 March 2014

Probably The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

We'd 'done' IKEA (& had lunch there);
we'd mooched around Maximall (a Blu ray
disc of La Grande Bellezza safely tucked in my
handbag after being discovered in
La Feltrinelli - I refuse to pay 5 cents for a 'busta');
and we'd raided Carrefour & were now armed with 4
packs of Weetabix, 3 bottles of Borotalco shower gel,
2 jars of Terre d'Italia ragu (one cinghiale, one cervo)
plus 2 packs of pappardelle all'ouvo.
The question now was: Shall we grab a coffee 
at Apolito or stop off at Cilento Outlet Village
& hit Varesino?
Varesino won! (Well it would, wouldn't it - there
was chocolate involved).

I had my usual espresso goloso
& hubby had his cioccolata calda

And as the shop is now full of Easter eggs, I dashed around
madly taking photos to use in another blog
(I think they're getting used to me - no-one batted an eyelid!).

Hubby then made the fatal mistake of going for a mooch
as opposed for heading straight back to the car........
and the €5 coffee & hot chocolate turned into
a credit card 'hit' of €233. That's the trouble with
there being a designer outlet shop that's just
putting the new season's collections on display!

The dress is mine - the t-shirts are all hubby's 

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