Sunday 30 March 2014

Trying To Lay On The Guilt

The FIL never ever supported us in our move
to Italy - 6 days before we were due to pack up
our belongings in a Pickfords lorry he 'phoned us
up to say how much hubby's Mum didn't want us
to leave.

He's been to visit us once. Not that he'd deign
to stay with us....oh no, for him it could only be
the Palazzo Belmonte, frequented by none other
than Joe Biden, Vice President of the US.
He'd already made his mind up that he
wasn't going to like Il Sogno....and he didn't.
It's too remote & it's 'up the worst donkey track
in the world'.
When we dropped him back at Naples airport,
he shook hubby's hand, just as if he was
concluding a business meeting. 
I so wanted to shout 'For goodness' sake,
he's your son, hug him!'

And every time he e-mails us, there's always
some barb or jibe at hubby, trying to goad him
into returning to the UK ( I should point out
that hubby hasn't been back to the UK at all since
we left on 30th September 2010).

His leverage is that hubby's Mum is very frail....
she's 80 this coming May, so it's to be expected.
Today's e-mail says that the FIL 'thinks she had a
mini stroke a couple of weeks ago'. He didn't
bother to let us know at the time, and he probably
didn't call the doctor.
He's just trying to lay the guilt on us, again.

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  1. Some people are just so strange. So warped in their minds. Never understood it myself but always thought they must be so bitter and twisted inside. So sad (for them). They seem to lack joy.