Monday 17 March 2014

The Heroine On My Timeline

This is Dr Kate Granger. If you write to her, she'll
ask you to call her Kate. She's an Elderly Medicine Registrar
in Yorkshire. She is slightly less than 2 years
younger than our son, who is 34.
And she is terminally ill with a
particularly aggressive form of sarcoma.

We 'met' on Twitter, I can't remember exactly
how I found her blog, but reading it made me
decide she was worth a follow on Twitter,
and she followed me back.
I've been in awe of her sheer guts & selfless determination
ever since.

She is trying to break that biggest of all taboos -
talking about death & dying.
She's also championing #hellomynameis, now
that she's seeing 'the caring profession'
from the other side.
And she's trying to raise funds for the
Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal.

Read Kate's latest blog post here:,
look back at her previous posts & see for
yourself why she is 'the heroine on my timeline'

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