Friday 21 March 2014

And We Have Fur Babies

Cupcake has been looking decidedly barrel-like
these past few weeks. Yesterday lunchtime
she refused her treats & disappeared mid afternoon,
not returning for her dinner.
That's when we knew she'd gone off
to somewhere 'safe' to have her kittens.

I was awake & up at 'seriously silly o'clock'
this morning (2.50 am) & Cupcake still hadn't
touched last night's dried food. 
She suddenly appeared just after 8 am, 
obviously hungry and with a somewhat
bedraggled tail & rear end.
She ate some of the bowl of dried food & then
stopped, as if she'd realised that she
doesn't have dried food for breakfast.
So I opened a pouch of Salmon & Trout Kitekat,
which she scoffed down in no time.

Then she proceeded to set about cleaning herself up
before beginning her morning terrorisation
of the lizards & geckos. 
Hubby & I were, of course, concerned
for the welfare of the kittens, but
with almost an acre of ground, plus
the fact that Cupcake quite often roams
the whole mountain, we really didn't 
know where to look. Cupcake seemed
in no particular rush to go back to them.

But by lunchtime she'd disappeared again - it was
almost as if she'd waited until we weren't 
looking to go back to her nursery.
During lunch hubby suggested that she
might have gone down to the ruin just below 
Il Sogno, so off he went, armed with my
camera in case he did come across
Cupcake & her litter.

When he returned, with a bemused smile
on his face, I knew he'd found them.
No, they weren't in the ruin, they were
 under the wheelbarrow at the side of our garden shed.
And here they are.....

Cupcake, plus 4

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