Saturday 11 January 2014

Quasi Italiani

It's 11th January 2011 & we're off to the Comune
in Montecorice to apply for residency.
Armed with Birth & Marriage Certificates,
Passports and Bank statements, we
meet Silvia & Angelo outside the
Anagrafe so that Silvia can translate for
us if needs be.

It's all very laid back this far south - no appointment
necessary - just turn up & if someone's free they'll
welcome you with a smile (which grows bigger
when they realise you are 'stranieri'),
invite you to sit down & then carry on
chatting with their colleagues before 'getting down
to business'.

The form Annibale needed to fill out was huge -
the same size as the open pages of one
of the daily broadsheets. He filled it all
in with hubby's details, took photocopies of
all of our documents & then proceeded to input
all the info onto his computer.

It was explained that we could now expect a
'home visit' from the Polizia Municipale
within the next few weeks. And that was that.
We were 'quasi Italiani' simply by virtue
of having gone through the first fairly painless 
stage of applying for residency.

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