Thursday 9 January 2014

Dieci Quintali

Diminishing log pile
The log pile has been running low for a few days now,
but what with Natale, Capodanno & La Befana,
our local wood yard hadn't been open very often,
nor had they had much legno.

But yesterday they did, so we called in on our way 
back from Santa Maria. Hubby explained exactly
what we were after - 'piccoli' - and asked for
'dieci quintali' to be delivered. We were assured
it would be with us yesterday afternoon....
needless to say, it wasn't. Nor first thing this morning.
It arrived just as we'd finished lunch.

Dieci quintali
Which meant we spent a fair bit of the afternoon piling it up 
at the back of the carport & stacking the smaller logs in the log 
store at the back of the house.
Backbreaking work, but quite rewarding from a
photography point of view....

Replenished once more
Oh, and not forgetting those romantic evenings 
snuggled together in front of a roaring log fire.

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