Tuesday 14 January 2014

Oh So Simple, But Oh So Tasty

 We haven't had this dish for a while.
We were going to have it last night, but we
had lunch with the la famiglia Russo yesterday &
were too 'pigged out' to have more than a
ham & mozzarella toastie.

So this evening we did....

Pancetta e pomodorini

It's such a simple dish - garlic fried in a little olive oil,
then cubetti di pancetta added & cooked for a few minutes
before adding those delicious Cilentan pomodorini.
A pan of pasta is happily bubbling away whilst this is
going on.

If we were Italian, those simple ingredients would be
sufficient. But we're not, so we also cook batons of 
carote e zucchine.

Dished up & 'ready to go'

A beautifully simple dish, but those flavours just burst on your tongue.

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