Tuesday 14 January 2014

Chiusa Al Transito - An Update

The SR ex SS 267 has now been (sort of) closed for
almost 8 weeks. I say 'sort of' because they
keep re-opening it on Sundays.

I found the notice of closure on the Comune's website & there is
no indication of when the road will re-open permanently.

It's closed for safety reasons, as the heavy rains in November
have caused a major 'frana' - luckily no-one was hurt.

And as I mentioned in my original 'Chiusa Al Transito' blog http://cilentofairytales.blogspot.it/2013/11/chiusa-al-transito.html
we have had some black looks from drivers
coming up the mountain as we are driving down.
All has now become clear as to why....

They've put up a 'No Entry' sign at the top of our road,
but the Comune didn't bother to let us know - we discovered
it when we resumed our daily walks up the mountain.

And, this being Italy, they dig it up every Sunday & then
re-concrete it in first thing Monday morning.

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