Saturday 11 January 2014

An Unexpected Lunch Invite

Maria, Raffaella, Luigi, Hubby & Angelo
We were on our way to La Torretta for lunch,
as is our wont on a Saturday, and we stopped off
at the Russo's to hand back the carboy
that had held the olive oil they'd given us
at Christmas back in 2012 (yes, we've only just emptied it, 
our own oil from 2011's harvest having lasted
until mid November).
As usual, we were greeted in true Italian
style - big hugs, kissing of both cheeks
& "come stai?"

We tried to just hand back the carboy & quickly leave.
But no, we were invited to stay for lunch.
Being the reserved Brits that we are (she says,
tongue in cheek), we politely refused.
Maria got quite upset at our refusal & wanted to
know why we didn't want to eat with them.

It's not that we didn't want to - the smells coming from
the kitchen were somewhat mouthwatering -
but neither of us were brought up that you 
drop in unexpectedly & end up sharing a meal.
But all the family insisted, so we stayed...
and it was good.

Pasta 'semplice'
And, finally, after knowing them for 3 years, I managed to 
get a couple of photos of them together.

The Russos have 'adopted' us

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