Monday 3 February 2014

She's Gone

We 'hit it off' right from the first moment
we followed each other on Twitter....
she was a 'Mini Me', my 'Twitter sister'.

We didn't stop at tweeting each other; we
swapped e-mail addresses, both joined
Google+ so we could chat when we
took a much needed TL break & more
recently I finally gave in and joined Facebook
and we friended each other on there too.

We supported each other when we were down
or having problems, shared photos of special
moments that we didn't share with
anyone else. We were looking forward
to a 'tweep meet', when my schedule on
a trip back to the UK allowed.

And then, this morning, she closed her
Twitter account, blocked me on Facebook, 
sent me a very short e-mail & disappeared.
Just like that, she's gone....
and I'm going to miss her like hell


  1. People are very, very strange, I've found.
    No explanation?